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My Weekend

I went to the skate park on the weekend with my friend. The skate park was in Glendowie and my friend’s name is Zephaniah. When we got there we went to the bowel the bowel is a place where you can do jumps when you jump you land on grass. Then  we went to the real skatepark. At the skate park we jumped the box a few times then left to the bmx track. the bmx  track is in Gi once we got there we started doing jumps and going up ramps. My favourite part was doing jumps.

Kia ora! My name is Raiden

Kia ora! My name is Raiden , I go to Glen Innes School. I am in Year 5 and my teacher is Miss Cunningham. My favourite subject is Writing and Maths and I enjoy learning about experiments .  I am good at riding bikes .  My goal for this year is to read more books. In my spare time I like to go to the skate park and practice soccer. My favourite food is burgers .My favourite colour  is neo chrome


Our Class Split

Our Class Split

On Monday the 13th of June our class had to split because our teacher wasn’t here. Mr Ramkolowan told what class we were going to. Liku, Lua and I were told to go to Room 10. 

When Liku, Lua and I went to room 10 we found a desk for ourselves. We grabbed a chair and took it to our desks. We sat down on our chairs and Ms Ramkalowin gave us a math sheet. The math sheet was for year 5’s but it was easy. 

Then Mrs Ramkolowan told us that we are going to do some art for Matariki. The art we did was the Northern lights and the Matariki stars. When we finished it looked Amazing, the Northern lights looked real. I had fun in Room 10. 

At the end of the day Lua, Liku and I were told to come and sit on the mat because Mrs Ramkolowan was going to put a video on. Mrs Ramkolowan put two videos on, the first video was about a scarecrow getting bullied by crows. The farmer that owned the scarecrow put some fresh straw in the scarecrow. The crows saw the fresh straw and took the straw from the scarecrow and took it to their nest. 

My favourite part in Room 10 was the painting and doing the math sheet.

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